Magdolna Koloncsak

Hi,thanks for visiting my Portfolio.

I have been doing jewellery now 20 years ago ,mainly in silver.That's a very exciting experience to know you can do almost everything,what you are dreaming about.Sometimes using leather,but I prefer to use gemstones in their reality,and different shapes which are very nice complements of the cold coloured silver.Next to this cold colour the others all alive.

I like differences,but  in the simplest form.

Ask me about my jewellery:)

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2019 Arts Depot-Spring Showcase

2018 East Fincley Contemporary Art Fair

2018 Parallax Art Fair

2017 Sunny Art Centre-Pop Up invitation

2016 Candid Art Trust-Angel Christmas Fair

2016 East Fincley Contemporary Fair

2016 King's Place Festival

2015 East Fincley Contemporary Fair



2011 Contemporary Jewellery designers in Corinthia Hotel

2011 Ujlipotvaros Gallery-Women's Caprice

2011 Gosdu udvar-Storefronts exhibition

2010 Tallinn-Let them eat Macaron

2009 FISE-Young Contemporary Artist's Gallery-Let them eat Macaron

2008-2002 Kapolcs-Valley of Arts

2000 Ericcson Gallery-selection of best exhibitors of Originart Gallery

1999 Originart Gallery-FIRST EXHIBITION:)